Thumbs Down for Thai Me Up
May 13th, 2009 by plumpdumpling

If I was to tell you there’s a sandwich shop on 14th Street called Thai Me Up, which of the following would you think?:

1) Heeeeeeeeeee.
2) Laaaaaaaaaame.
3) Grooooooooooss.
4) A combination of 2 and 3.

I appreciate a good pun as much as you do, but what if I told you the store is owned by this guy and his hair?:

And what if I told you that the ingredients in one of the dessert drinks is magic?

And what if I told you the website says, “Thai Me Up Sandwich Bar opened in march of 2007 to rave reviews from visitors loving its delicious dishes and fun, sexy concept”? That’s right. Fun, sexy sandwiches.

I haven’t actually stopped at Thai Me Up yet, but in light of this, I really can’t wait to go have an extra-firm-tofu-induced orgasm.

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  • Tracey writes:
    May 13th, 20099:33 amat

    “a fun, sexy concept”? What about a name with a pun is a concept?

    I can’t wait until the owner tracks back all the hits he’s been getting on his site to THIS POST. Ahahaha.

    • plumpdumpling writes:
      May 13th, 200910:39 amat

      I think the concept is that three of the salads are inappropriately named and make you feel like a douche when you order them in front of other people.

      I kinda feel bad making fun of the place, acutally. Its name DOES amuse me, but you know the person who put magic as a drink ingredient wasn’t anywhere near hilarious as we are, thereby canceling out the name points. And then there’s the hair.

      • Tracey writes:
        May 13th, 200911:28 amat

        I hate it when restaurants make you want to not order things by naming them things you would never want to say. It pisses me off that the “Roadkill” is my favorite dish on the menu at Texas Roadhouse.

        • plumpdumpling writes:
          May 13th, 20094:59 pmat

          Whereas I love ordering the Summer Bries or the Catcher in the Rye at Serendipity.

          Speaking of which, OMG please come visit me this summer, because Kamran won’t take me there anymore.

          • Tracey writes:
            May 14th, 20092:02 amat

            Why won’t he? Why isn’t it his favorite restaurant, too?!

            I don’t know if I can swing a trip very soon, but Samantha is thinking of coming this summer, and she’s ALL about Serendipity.

            • plumpdumpling writes:
              May 14th, 200910:41 amat

              He, apparently, is refusing to purposely purchase unhealthy foods. You can bet, though, that when I came home from the movie last night with an unopened Toblerone that he was one wanting to gobble it up.

              Please do not give me a Samantha visit as a pity prize. It’s hardly the same.

  • spaghedeity writes:
    May 13th, 20098:05 pmat

    5) I’ll eat anything with Thai in the name. I fucking love Thai so much. Jesus Christ it’s good. Man. I don’t think I’ve ever had bad Thai. It’s all good.

    • plumpdumpling writes:
      May 14th, 20099:36 amat

      I’d really like to know what you were doing last night when you wrote this. You didn’t even provide the link to your journal, which lets me know for sure that you were meeeeeessed up.

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