Pretzel + Hot Dog = Pretzel Dog
September 23rd, 2009 by plumpdumpling

It’s an Auntie Anne’s pretzel wrapped around a Nathan’s hot dog, and I ate it at the airport, which is really the only place you should be able to find a hot dog wrapped in a pretzel. This one only had 310 calories and 20 grams of fat, so I can’t wait to find a place that sells the JUMBO pretzel dog so I can get the full 600-calorie experience.

I will be dipping that one in cheese sauce and wrapping a slice of pizza around each bite, justyouwaitandsee.

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  • plumpdumpling writes:
    September 23rd, 200912:42 pmat

    I’d really love to know what percentage of the U.S. population considers the pretzel dog awesome, and what percentage considers eating it too terrifying to imagine.

    • Kelly writes:
      September 24th, 20091:07 amat

      Count me in the AWESOME column. Words cannot adequately express how much I love pretzel dogs.

      Here’s a good litmus test: does it contain a hotdog? Yes? Then chances are good to excellent that Kelly loves it.

      • plumpdumpling writes:
        September 24th, 20094:57 pmat

        The best thing about you is that you’re soooooo feminine in your strapless dresses and your heels, yet I can totally picture you CHOWING on hot dogs.

  • kimz writes:
    September 23rd, 200912:46 pmat

    Frankly, I’m scared of the pretzel dog. Why? Because I fear that once I try it, I will want to eat nothing else for the rest of my life. Especially if it can be dipped in questionable cheese sauce.

    • plumpdumpling writes:
      September 23rd, 20091:21 pmat

      Plain pretzel dog with questionable cheese for life? Maybe.

      Pretzel dog with cheese, pizza wrapped around it, a layer of peanut butter in between, and chocolate sauce drizzled all over? TOTALLY.

  • Jess writes:
    September 24th, 20094:42 amat

    Of course we do have stuff like that over here as well!! So you better come over for your full sausage experience :-D

    • plumpdumpling writes:
      September 25th, 200910:30 amat

      I really, really want to go to a lot of beer halls right now and eat so much sausage and drink so much hefeweizen with names I can’t pronounce. Since I’m the one with the job, I’m afraid YOU have to come HERE.

  • Laura writes:
    September 24th, 20097:12 pmat

    This would only be acceptable for consumption if it were wrapped in bacon and deep fried. Also, must be served with a side of nacho cheese dipping sauce.

    • plumpdumpling writes:
      September 25th, 200910:32 amat

      Aside from your comment on this entry, which I think of daily, this is the sexiest thing you’ve ever said.

  • Tracey writes:
    September 25th, 20092:15 pmat

    Did you have the choice to get it with salt? Because it just doesn’t look quite pretzel-y enough for me.

    • plumpdumpling writes:
      September 30th, 200910:19 amat

      Hey, good point! I guess the dog was salty enough for me to not miss the fat crystals on the pretzel itself, but now that you point it out, I feel gypped.

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