But All of Those Uncool Websites Still Better Watch Themselves
October 1st, 2009 by plumpdumpling

Hooray! It’s the first (known) case of Internet theft involving one of my blogs! One of my photos is currently on the front page of the website for the magazine mental_floss to illustrate an article about brain freeze.

(It was at the top of the page yesterday and this morning but has since been moved down. Hmph.)

At first, I was like, “Photo courtesy of donuts4dinner?! It’s not courtesy of if you steal it!” But after considering it for a millisecond, I’ve decided that I’m actually pleased as punch to see my hand featured on such an interesting website.

You’re lucky I like you, mental_floss.

3 Responses  
  • Bachelor Girl writes:
    October 1st, 20091:57 pmat

    You are so totally famous right now.

    • plumpdumpling writes:
      October 2nd, 20099:46 amat

      Totally. I got, like, four whole hits out of it.


  • Tracey writes:
    October 5th, 200910:19 amat

    I like that the top headline next to the picture is “House of Blood”. Hot!

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