A Crunch Bar Without Any Crunch
June 25th, 2010 by plumpdumpling

I love crushing things with my fingers. I also love chocolate that has been melted and then resolidified.

One day, I found a mini Crunch bar in my pocket. I have a particular affinity for Crunch bars, because in high school, my best friend would bring a Crunch bar in her lunch every day, and she’d bite off the C and the H so it just said RUN. And then we’d sing Iron Maiden’s “Run to the Hills” in as exaggerated a manner as possible. No one considered us normal.

Anyway, this Crunch bar had melted in my pocket, so I spent a good 10 minutes of my lunch hour pulverizing every last little crunchy bit inside of it (with the wrapper still on, of course). Then I waited an hour while it cooled off and reformed into a bar. Then I greedily unwrapped it and excitedly tasted it.

Crunch Bar

Weirdly, it was not delicious.

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  • Tracey writes:
    June 25th, 201011:49 pmat

    Mmmmmm, melted and re-solidified chocolate.

    Although, I would have really missed those letters on the bar. It’s just not the same without the Iron Maiden.

    • plumpdumpling writes:
      June 28th, 20104:54 pmat

      I don’t understand how that awesome story alone didn’t garner me 500 comments on this post.

      But I do so like using my food blog for personal stories about us in high school.

      • Tracey writes:
        June 29th, 201010:40 amat

        Katie, I wish I had a nickel for every time I told someone this story about us, all the while thinking about how awesome we were, and then didn’t get the reaction I was hoping for.

        This might be one of those cases where we exceeded the level of weirdness with which most people are comfortable.

        • plumpdumpling writes:
          June 29th, 20103:04 pmat

          Maybe people don’t understand that we were in high school. It’s one thing to be a confidently weird adult. It’s another thing to be a creepily weird high school student. We were CONFIDENTLY WEIRD HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. We really had it all.

  • Bachelor Girl writes:
    June 28th, 20103:40 pmat

    Wait an hour to eat a chocolate bar?

    I do not understand this madness.

    • plumpdumpling writes:
      June 28th, 20104:56 pmat

      You evidently underestimate the lengths to which I will go to have a nice subject on which to test the manual functions of my camera.

  • Cristy writes:
    June 30th, 20109:17 amat

    I agree with BG – I couldn’t wait. None of this savoring garbage – give me my chocolate!

    • plumpdumpling writes:
      June 30th, 20104:23 pmat

      I get it. But I also save birthday presents until the day of my birthday, even if people I don’t see often give them to me weeks ahead of time. It’s very annoying for everyone else.

  • Kim writes:
    June 30th, 201011:15 amat

    I’m wondering if we would have been friends in high school.

    I’m going with no, though I bet I would have WANTED to be, being in secret awe of your assuredness and the fact that you actually ate things at lunch time and all.

    • plumpdumpling writes:
      June 30th, 20104:32 pmat

      I wonder half the time if we’d be friends now. It’ll be hilarious when you move back to NYC, we decide to let one of your many billionaire boyfriends treat us to dinner at Masa, and we realize that most things are better left to the Internet.

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