Eating My Weight in Fryer Grease
October 20th, 2010 by plumpdumpling

I flew home to Ohio last night for a week of the


Which some people like to refer to as the “Circleville Pumpkin Festival” or the “Circleville Pumpkin Fair” or the “Podunk Hillbilly Gourd Celebration“.

But they are wrong. It’s a show if I’ve ever seen one.

While there, I plan to


(And more.)

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  • Heesa Phadie writes:
    October 20th, 201012:42 pmat
    • plumpdumpling writes:
      October 26th, 20103:52 pmat

      I did!

      It was creepily savory-tasting, like they thought the chocolate on the outside would provide enough sweetness for a normal person. BUT I AM NOT NORMAL.

  • foodiemom10583 writes:
    October 20th, 20103:15 pmat

    My sister-in-law is from Ohio and tries to make the yearly trip back for the Pumpkin Fest from L.A. I always wondered why. Now I know.

    • plumpdumpling writes:
      October 26th, 20104:02 pmat

      The beacon of deep-fried foodstuffs can be seen from thousands of miles away. Hope she got to try the pumpkin blossoms this year! They were the talk of the town.

  • foodiemom10583 writes:
    October 26th, 20105:36 pmat

    Nah, this year she had her own little pumpkin and couldn’t go. She went to a pumpkin patch in Temecula, CA instead. Not quite the same thing. Check out what was listed as the biggest pumpkin they grew. I keep thinking of that long spiral potato chip nacho thingie. Holy moly. Were the pumpkin blossoms stuffed and fried?

  • TheDegustationAsian writes:
    October 28th, 201011:59 pmat

    The Circleville Pumpkin Show eh? believe it or not, my co-blogger and I went to school nearby. I’ve even been there myself, and like you, proceeded to eat my weight in fried food. It’s really a small world, I haven’t been back in the area in a few years but always make time for Jeni’s Ice Cream and lunch at Katzinger’s.

    • plumpdumpling writes:
      October 29th, 201010:29 amat

      No way! I’m a Teays Valley kid myself, but there were no Asian kids there as far as I can remember, so you must have gone to one of the more diverse schools. If there’s such a thing in smalltown Ohio.

      I crave Jeni’s hardcore and tweeted about it once, and they sent me a list of NYC stores that sell it. The only ones I can remember now are Brooklyn Fare and Dean & Deluca, but that should help you get your fix.

      • TheDegustationAsian writes:
        October 31st, 201011:04 amat

        College actually…But I learned a great deal in those four years, especially spotting 4×4’s with gun racks, mullet spotting at Easton and living squarely in the bible belt. Needless to say it’s good to be back on the east coast.

        As for Jeni’s, I usually just order a six pack once or twice a year which, unfortunately, doesn’t last me nearly as long as it should. After all these years, still my favorite ice cream.

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