Wasabi KitKat?!
April 18th, 2011 by plumpdumpling

Everyone knows I’m only dating my boyfriend for the Persian cotton candy his family sends us, and similarly, my friend Roy had the good sense to find a girl who’d bring back candy for him from Japan. He first shared a green tea KitKat with me, which was nice and grass-tasting and not at all weird, partly because it was so mildly-flavored that it was almost like eating white chocolate. Then, he brought in what he claimed was a wasabi KitKat.

I was pretty excited about the play between sweet and spicy, but biting into it, we didn’t notice any difference between it and the green tea bar. We decided it must just be a different wrapper. But then, literally milliseconds apart, we both sat upright with a little jolt as the wasabi hit us. And then it disappeared again, like a spark. It didn’t have quite the same satisfaction level as a regular chocolate bar, but it sure was a neat novelty.

Wasabi KitKat
photo by antontang

Other wouldn’t-last-a-day-in-the-U.S. KitKat flavors include soy sauce, yellow sweet potato, purple sweet potato, cheesecake, and annin dofu, a gelatinous almond dessert.

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  • Heesa Phadie writes:
    April 18th, 201112:00 pmat

    OMG! I think I would love this. I love KitKats and I love wasabi…I love the kick in the nose it gives you.

    Cheesecake, you don’t think cheesecake flavor would stand a chance here?

    • plumpdumpling writes:
      April 18th, 20112:37 pmat

      Isn’t it funny that we all feel wasabi in the nose? I’m sure there’s a reason for it that’s been well-documented on Google, but I kind of like that it’s one of the great mysteries of the world for me.

      Okay, I’m sure cheesecake would do just fine here with some of the population, but some of us want our milk chocolate!

  • Jessica R. writes:
    April 18th, 20117:16 pmat

    I love it! Japan has the best weird food. When I was over there I selected a drink from a vending machine that had oranges on it. I opened it, tipped it back and nothing came out. I shook it, tried again and this nasty orange gel slid into my mouth. I let my friend try it and we both agreed that it was one for the trash can.

  • Roy writes:
    April 18th, 20119:57 pmat

    Wasabi = good!

    soy sauce not so much

  • Tracey writes:
    April 19th, 20114:51 pmat

    This is AMAZING!

    What very American flavors should they attempt? Apple pie? Hot dog? Buffalo wing?

  • Mrs. Bachelor Girl writes:
    April 19th, 201110:39 pmat

    Right now, chocolate sounds practically orgasmic. Even white chocolate, which I don’t normally care for.

    Wasabi, on the other hand, which I usually love?


    Sigh. I’ll be happy when my hormones allow my food preferences to go back to normal.

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