Caffe DaVinci and the Only Pizza I Ever Need
April 18th, 2012 by donuts4dinner

My best friend‘s husband is one of the pickiest eaters I know. He claims an allergy to all vegetation, likes all of the most boring items from chain restaurants (the Mr. Misty at Dairy Queen, chicken nuggets at McDonald’s), and so has to be in the mood to eat that his favourite chocolate bar is kept in the freezer because the mice would feast upon it in the months it takes him to consume it all.

But he loves Caffe DaVinci in the Upper Arlington neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio. Every time I go back to my home state to visit my best friend, she and I try to convince her husband to come to Olive Garden with us (what?), and he instead tries to convince us to go to Caffe DaVinci. I’m used to underwhelming Italian food in NYC, so I usually suggest that he stay home by himself and eat his chicken nuggets, but one night, he finally got his way.

And that night, my life was forever changed. Because amidst the everyday spaghetti and chicken caesar wraps were the glorious words “Chicago Style Meatball Pizza”. I grew up on my mom’s thick crust pizza and took years to finally appreciate the floppy slices associated with NYC, so my mind immediately went back to Friday nights at home rolling out the dough and slopping on the sauce and piling on the cheese and pulling pepperoni out of bags and mushrooms out of cans (we were classy). But this ain’t yer mama’s pizza.

Caffe DaVinci, Columbus, OH

It’s a pizza bread bowl, people. And it is loaded with toppings. So many that the bowl split open in front. And having once asked for a bread bowl full of chicken salad instead of soup at Panera Bread despite public shame, bread bowls are kind of my thing.

Caffe DaVinci, Columbus, OH

Unlike the unseasoned marinara sauces of NYC, this sauce was rich with herbs and what tasted like hours simmering on a stove. The crust was just crusty enough to snap apart but just chewy enough not to flake all over me. I added the pepperoni to up the gluttony, and I’m not dramatizing when I say I’d be perfectly content if this was the only pizza I could eat for the rest of my life.

Caffe DaVinci
3080 Tremont Rd.
Columbus, Ohio 43221 (map)

6 Responses  
  • Mrs. Bachelor Girl writes:
    April 18th, 20121:19 pmat

    You know what a fiend I am for pizza, and this one looks INCREDIBLY good.

    Drooling on myself over here.

    • donuts4dinner writes:
      April 19th, 201210:22 amat

      Sometimes the camera makes food look better than it tastes, you know? But not this time.

  • Tracey writes:
    April 18th, 20122:50 pmat

    I love how OOEY GOOEY that thing looks. And the outside of that break almost looks crusty enough for my liking. Should I be offended that the photo of my perfectly delicious Italian Deli Panini didn’t make it into this post? And what about the gelato?!

    (I can’t really remember if you took a picture of my meal or not, so feel free to tell me one doesn’t exist in order to appease me.)

    Let’s go back there next time you’re here!

    • Tracey writes:
      April 18th, 20122:51 pmat

      BREAD! I guess I was thinking about the crack in it and said “break”? Weird.

    • donuts4dinner writes:
      April 18th, 20124:41 pmat

      I was goooooooooooooooing to post your picture, but then I realized I’d have to talk about it, and I really wanted to make this just about the pizza. The tasty, tasty pizza.

      Then I was going to replace “the everyday spaghetti and chicken caesar wraps” with the things you and Dan order but decided that’d be too passive-aggressively awesome.

      I want to go back every day!

  • Long Weekend in Ohio — Unapologetically Mundane writes:
    September 20th, 201212:01 pmat

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