Magnolia Bakery Whoopi Cookies
August 10th, 2009 by plumpdumpling

At dinner on Thursday night, my dear boyfriend got incredibly sick. Now, I was fairly suspicious that it was just his attempt at keeping me from making any plans with friends for the weekend out of guilt and empathy so we could hole up in his apartment together, but I expressed a workable amount of pity, anyway.

He came home from work on Friday night with a soup container and a bag that he said was full of crackers, so I accepted that his sickness meant I was going to have to forage for my own dinner and went about my business. We made smalltalk about our days, and then he said, “Aren’t you the least bit curious about the food?” I hadn’t been before, but I jumped up and went over to his desk to find that the soup container had the Magnolia Bakery logo imprinted on its top.

It was banana pudding! And the bag of crackers was actually something called a Whoopi Cookie! See, Kamran and I have been around the block when it comes to Magnolia cupcakes, so we’ve been branching out to other treats each time we go there. We’ve been caking it up lately, but the Whoopi Cookie was something I hadn’t seen yet.

It’s two brown sugar cookies with what the menu says is a “dollop” of maple cream cheese icing between ($1.75). A Magnolia Bakery dollop is evidently the size of a small child, because this stuff was hanging off the sides of the cookie to begin with, and more oozed out with every bite. The cookies were soft and chewy, but the icing was the real selling point, and I wasn’t embarrassed to lick it off the paper wrapper when we finished.

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  • Kelly writes:
    August 10th, 20092:11 pmat


    I know some people say they’re not that great, but I have the taste-memory of Magnolia Bakery cupcakes, like, imprinted on my BRAIN.

    • plumpdumpling writes:
      August 10th, 20097:35 pmat

      Wait, meaning that you’ve had the Whoopi Cookie before? Why am I always the last to know?!

      Anyone who says Magnolia aren’t great is just trying to look cool. Crumbs cupcakes are great because they’re perfect, but Magnolia cupcakes are great because they taste homemade, but you can never make them the same at home.

  • Tracey writes:
    August 10th, 20097:12 pmat


    I always thought the Circleville Women’s Club had made up the name “Whoopi Pies” when they sold them at the Pumpkin Show every year, but apparently, “Whoopi” is a legitimate name for that dessert. And now, I’m weirded out.

    • plumpdumpling writes:
      August 10th, 20097:42 pmat

      My mom was famous for her whoopi cakes, although I’m pretty sure I’ve been spelling it whoopie in my head all these years.

      Have you had the whoopi pies? Because the whoopie cake filling was something very different from icing, and I’d love to taste it again.

      • Tracey writes:
        August 10th, 200910:08 pmat

        I always assumed “Whoopie” and only spelled it the other way based on this post. And I never did try them. They looked like they were probably pretty good, but they never interested me when there were so many other things that caught my attention at the Pumpkin Show.

        • plumpdumpling writes:
          August 11th, 200912:19 pmat

          You know, I don’t have any days scheduled off in October, but after thinking about our last experience at the Pumpkin Show, it seems impossible that I wouldn’t come in for the weekend, right? If you’re going to be around, I’m going to look at plane tickets.

  • spaghedeity writes:
    August 11th, 200912:14 amat

    i would eat a pile of dog turds if it had anything-flavoured cream cheese on it. the next time i’m in your neighbourhood, you’ll have to shout me one of these biscuit things.

    i wonder if the whoopi cookie is named after the eponymous celebrity. who is similarly brown, sweet, and oozing.

    • plumpdumpling writes:
      August 11th, 20092:43 pmat

      Who do you think you are, calling my cookie a biscuit?

      I believe the cookies were named after the act of making whoopie, which while sweet and oozing, would be freaky if it was brown.

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