Max Brenner Does the Ice Cream Sandwich
September 25th, 2009 by plumpdumpling

I know there are a lot of Max Brenner haters out there. I agree that their menu full of quotes from some bald dude likening eating chocolate to lovemaking is pretty laughable (and sorta gross before dinner), and I agree that waiting in line for an hour with all of the tourists sucks when you feel like you should be entitled to special treatment as someone who pays $2,000 in rent to actually live in the city. But I still crave it.

My friend Beth and I ate at the one in Union Square a few weeks ago and were full enough from our large dinner portions that we were unsure we were able to pack in dessert, but dessert is the whole point of Max Brenner, so we decided to share the Gooey Marshmallow Fudge Brownie Fluffernutter Ice Cream Sandwich. Ridiculous name, right? But I guess it’s polite to let your customers know exactly what they’re in for.

The photo doesn’t do it justice, but the description sure does:

Deep chocolate peanut butter ice cream, marshmallow fluff in between the famous Max Brenner “Oh My God” very chocolately soft baked cookie, with extra milk chocolate drizzle. Served with warm peanut butter dip.

That’s right. Peanut butter dip. Not baby poo.

I didn’t think I’d ever be able to get anything but the fondue (served with milk, dark, and white chocolates heated over candles!), but those fudgey cookies can’t be beat. The crunchy crumbles added great texture, and the peanut butter sauce was so good that I cleaned the bowl while Beth was in the restroom. Mwahaha.

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  • Tracey writes:
    September 25th, 20092:12 pmat

    I want to drink that peanut butter RIGHT NOW.

    What’s the point of the berries, though? I mean, come on.

    • plumpdumpling writes:
      September 26th, 20092:42 pmat

      The berries ridiculous, I agree. Especially since Beth doesn’t eat fruit.

      Did I ever take you there when you visited? Aside from the prices, I know you’d love it. Weirdly, though, we were hanging out with Beth’s parents last night and were having a hard time deciding where to eat dinner. We decided on Veselka, the Ukrainian restaurant across from the 2nd Ave. location of Max Brenner, thinking that if it was too crowded, we could always try Max instead. But when we got there, the restaurant across the street was closed and for lease. We were really confused and asked our waitress to confirm that Max had really been there. She whispered, “I’ve only lived here for a month!” Which is very appropriate. So I guess it’s been closed for a while. So sad.

      • Tracey writes:
        September 27th, 20098:48 amat

        It may have been my first time there, or maybe my second, but we popped into the place and bought small chocolately things from the front without going in to sit and eat.

        “Veselka”. What a fun word to say.

  • Kelly writes:
    September 27th, 200910:30 pmat

    Now I want to go melt some peanut butter on my stove and drink it.

    • plumpdumpling writes:
      September 30th, 200910:14 amat

      When you do, please sip directly from the pan through a straw and take a photo of it for me.

  • kimz writes:
    January 27th, 201012:28 pmat

    So the other night I was watching this show “Best Thing I Ever Ate” on the Food Network. Just as the titles says, it’s about chefs/restaurant owners/Food Network personalities talking about the best food they ever ate. I know, clever title. Anyways, this episode was about pizza. I was about to turn it when I saw this one guy who I really don’t care for (he was on some sort of Food Amazing Race type show recently). BUT BOY AM I GLAD I DIDN’T CHANGE IT. His pizza? The dessert pizza at Max Brenners. WHY DID YOU NOT TAKE ME THERE?

  • The Savvy Soybean writes:
    February 1st, 20101:25 amat

    So good. I once was peer pressured into buying their Milk Chocolate Syringe. Embarrassing? Yes. Delicious? Yes.

  • Tessa writes:
    March 28th, 20114:42 pmat

    We have one now, too (or sorta have one as of typing time).

    Their soft open is tonight, and I happen to work at a hotel on the same street (so they want me on their good side).

    FREE DINNER FOR TWO. Free chocolate for the poor! Okay, they didn’t phrase it like that, but that’s the take-home.


    • plumpdumpling writes:
      March 29th, 201112:10 pmat

      Neat! Blog about it! Blog about it! Or guest post about it here!

  • han writes:
    April 20th, 20119:19 pmat

    MMMMM. i’ve only had the dessert pizza + crepe but peanut butter ice cream are my favoritest words. ima try this soon!!

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