The Lemongrass Grill Curry Puff – Financial District – Thai
August 18th, 2010 by plumpdumpling

The curry puff is common to Thai, Malaysian, and Singaporean cuisine, but none of those cuisines is common to me, so the first time I tried one, I was in heaven. Sort of like an empanada, sort of like a samosa, it’s pastry stuffed with a thick curry, chicken, potatoes, and onion and deep-fried.

Since that original curry puff, I’ve tried as many as I can find in NYC, but I always go back to the one at Lemongrass Grill.

It’s the flakiest, the curry-est, and the most way-too-delicious-to-last-more-than-two-bites. The puff isn’t hard like a samosa’s, so the filling gets to mingle with it.

But really, it wouldn’t be anything without the dipping sauce it comes with. It’s vinegar-based with chunks of cucumber that taste a little bit pickled and a little bit sweet. I didn’t even like cucumbers a couple of years ago, but I would still dig those things out of the little cup with my fingers when my boyfriend wasn’t looking.

And I always follow my curry puff up with their chicken pad thai (which is also my favourite in NYC), or the Gai Tom Kha soup.

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Lemongrass Grill
84 William Street
New York, NY 10038 (map)

138 East 34th Street
New York, NY 10016 (map)

2534 Broadway
New York, NY 10025 (map)

61A 7th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217 (map)

156 Court Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201 (map)

12 Responses  
  • Tracey writes:
    August 18th, 20102:33 pmat

    Mmmm. Why is EVERYthing made better by deep-frying? I don’t even know how to begin to imagine what the inside of that thing tastes like, but the outside is making my mouth water.

    • plumpdumpling writes:
      August 18th, 20104:47 pmat

      It tastes like . . . massaman curry!

      I love foods that can only be described as tasting like themselves.

      I’m glad the outside is working for you, though, because as soon as I posted that photo, I thought, “When you can’t see what’s inside, they look like little poos.”

      • Tracey writes:
        August 19th, 201012:39 amat

        I never would have thought they looked like poos, because they look almost exactly like Chicken McNuggets.

        • plumpdumpling writes:
          August 25th, 20104:38 pmat

          Except, like, 3 times the size. That tempts you, right?

          Is there any Thai food in Ohio?

          • Tracey writes:
            August 26th, 20104:43 pmat

            You know if there are, I’ve never been to them.

            I think Kim would eat Thai food for Dinner Club if I would allow it, but I can’t handle the spice, and I’m suuuuper picky about all the flavors and sauces. As much as I want to like Thai dishes, I always feel like I’ve wasted my money on them.

  • Bachelor Girl writes:
    August 18th, 20106:13 pmat

    Well, they certainly LOOK tasty. I never liked curry (couldn’t even stand the smell of it) until just a few months ago, and now I love it.

    • plumpdumpling writes:
      August 25th, 20104:39 pmat

      Does that mean you weren’t eating Indian food, either?! That makes my heart ache.

  • SammySkye writes:
    August 19th, 20109:16 pmat

    i cannot believe ive never had a curry puff. this sounds amazing!! looks like ill be having thai this weekend

    • plumpdumpling writes:
      August 27th, 20102:58 pmat

      Didyoudidyoudidyou? I’ve been trying to low-carb it lately, so I hope you had some pad thai and curry puffs for me.

      • SammySkye writes:
        August 30th, 20108:32 amat

        i did! i did! i did!! from lili and loo!! they were so delicious!! thanks for hte great recommendation!!!

  • Stephanie writes:
    August 23rd, 201010:52 pmat

    when i am 90 years old i want to sit on a rocking chair under one of those ugly 70’s esque afghans reading a book with a pot of curry simmering on the stove. forget 90, i’m going to do that tomorrow.

    • plumpdumpling writes:
      August 27th, 20103:03 pmat

      Yeah, better do it now, because by 90, everything–especially curry–will seem so spicy to you that you’ll be living on beef bouillon.


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