Free Starbucks Petites!
March 10th, 2011 by plumpdumpling

Starbucks rolled out a freebie promotion today to introduce their new line of Petites: eight different flavors of cake in different bite-sized forms.

Now through March 12th, any time you purchase a drink at Starbucks from 2 to 5 p.m., you’ll be able to choose from the Birthday Cake Pop, Lemon Sweet Square, Red Velvet Whoopie Pie, Salted Caramel Sweet Square, Carrot Cake Cupcake, Peanut Butter Cupcake, Rocky Road Cake Pop, and Tiramisu Cake Pop.

My co-worker just got the Birthday Cake Pop, and it was the moistest yellow cake covered in icing and sprinkles and put on a stick. Adorable!

Starbucks is promoting the fact that they’re all under 200 calories, but for a two-bite treat, I’d sort of hope so. Still, the lure of anything pink is too great for me, and I’m busy trying to decide which coffee drink will taste best when I soak my cake pop in it.

Check out their Facebook page to see them all and vote for your favourite.

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  • Julie writes:
    March 10th, 20116:06 pmat

    Starbucks is making cake pops now? OMG!

    • plumpdumpling writes:
      March 11th, 201110:17 amat

      Apparently they’re rolling them out for their 20th anniversary. I hope they last, ’cause I’d feel like a much classier lady going to Starbucks for one of those at 3 p.m. rather than having a spoonful of the Marshmallow Fluff we keep in our office.

  • Mrs. Bachelor Girl writes:
    March 10th, 20116:13 pmat

    I love cake pops – they’re ADORABLE! – and I can’t wait to try Starbucks’.

    I can tell you those things are a pain in the ass to make. I made about 50 million at Christmas, and I’ll be honest: I kind of wanted to gauge out my eyeballs with one of those white paper sticks before it was all over.

    • plumpdumpling writes:
      March 11th, 201110:21 amat

      The pop trend is the craziest thing I can remember in food. It seems like cupcakes and macarons slowly built up their recent popularity, but I remember seeing cheesecake pops on a David Burke menu one day, and the next day, every restaurant and home cook in America were making them. Not complaining!

      I have no idea how they’re made, though, and I’ll bet it would freak me out to hear about it, huh?

  • Lorraine writes:
    March 10th, 20117:47 pmat

    I totally just had one of these! It’s like sex on a stick…provided that sex reminds you of a tiny pink birthday cake. Guess I’m just lucky that these particular associations intersect for me.

    • plumpdumpling writes:
      March 11th, 201111:22 amat

      This comment totally got Ben Kweller’s “Wasted & Ready” stuck in my head because of that “sex reminds her of eating spaghetti” line.

      After hearing about this cake/sex association of yours, I’m excited for our next writing group meeting.

  • Kim writes:
    March 10th, 20118:53 pmat

    HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE ONE? I want all of them except for like half. But still, I can’t have half.

    You know what I always want from Starbucks (even though I find their food seriously underwhelming)? That little pink donut. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

    • plumpdumpling writes:
      March 11th, 201110:23 amat

      I don’t really see a problem with ordering four Fraps between 2 and 5 today so you can try the half you want (hilarious wording on that, by the way).

      But YES. That damned pink donut calls to me every time I’m there. One of my co-workers got it and said it’s not that good, and that’s the only thing that’s kept me from it, but I can’t help feeling like he was just lying to help me out.

  • Cassie writes:
    March 11th, 20118:48 pmat

    Figures. They’d sell something that I’ll want 100 of at one time.


  • foodiemom10583 writes:
    March 12th, 20115:23 pmat

    Had the Salted Caramel Square. No stick involved, but if that thing is less than 200 calories, I’ve been dieting wrong for half of my life. It was UNBELIEVABLE, like the world’s greatest pecan turtle. It was decently-sized, beautifully gooey, and caramelicious with a slightly bitter coffeeishness that kept it from being cloying. My son had the Peanut Butter Cupcake (also stick-free) and said it was great as long as the peanut butter icing on top lasted. Once that was gone, he declared the chocolate cupcake as tasting “weird.” I’m assuming he detected the coffee flavor. We got ’em just under the wire, 3 p.m. on the last day. Thanks for the heads-up!

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