The City Bakery’s Pretzel Croissant Ain’t No Pretzel
October 20th, 2009 by plumpdumpling

I didn’t love the pretzel croissant. It has its own website. People who care about food gush about it. But I was unimpressed.

It was flaky, buttery, light, and bread-flavoured, which are all of the things a croissant should be. So maybe the problem is that I like pretzels much more than I like croissants, and this was no pretzel. There was no thick pretzel skin, no dense pretzel insides, and no salt in sight, let alone the chunks of crystals I want to see.

But it was a good croissant, and I was still finding butter flavor trapped in between my fingers for hours after eating it. Don’t ask why I was licking between my fingers for hours.

3 Responses  
  • Bachelor Girl writes:
    October 20th, 20097:54 pmat

    Man, oh, man. There’s nothing better than one of those dense, greasy, salty pretzels. They’re the only good thing about going to the mall, as far as I’m concerned.

    • plumpdumpling writes:
      October 26th, 20094:46 pmat

      Don’t forget the cheese sauce.

  • Tracey writes:
    October 29th, 200911:56 pmat

    Again with the lack of pretzel salt on a would-be pretzel item! Are we the only ones who consider the salt essential?

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